Under the Influence of Energies

The energetic connection to emotional and mental wellness.

Participants will explore the concept of “energies” as it relates to one’s own personal and transformative healing journey. This will involve the sharing of personal stories, discussion, teachings from applied kinesiology (including Brain Gym®) and mystical principles that lie at the foundation of all religions. This will be an interactive program with opportunities for group exercises, sharing, creative visualization, breathing and other simple hands on physical/energy exercises that can be quickly learned.


  • Explore the concept of “energies” and how, when they are in balance, they influence well being.

  • Learn a comprehensive model of wellness, incorporating the physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual dimensions, that helps a person have contact with their essence and thus a fuller expression of themselves.

  • Learn more about  the energy body (the meridians, acupressure points, etc.) and how to care for one’s energetic needs and how this relates to emotional and mental health.

  • Practice energy-enhancing exercises that can be used for calming or stimulating the energy body for one’s own personal needs.  These include breathing, creative visualization, yoga, journalling and other simple exercises.

  • Participants will be introduced to the concept of “energetic sensitivities” and how to care for this particular experience.

  • Participants will have an opportunity  for sharing their own experience with energy work and what they have discovered from their own lived experiences.

Knowing Your Child as a Soul
and the Healing of Mental Health Distress

Psychology was considered  the care of the soul,-but we have lost that connection in our current treatment approaches.  What if mental health problems are really about the soul?  And the disturbances are due to  the soul trying to align with the body and needing more help and assistance in that process?  Wouldn’t we have different approaches?

The soul is the domain of eternal life and holds the power of the creative and healing force of Light.  Learn how to connect with the redemptive qualities of the soul in overcoming emotional and mental health distress and coming into greater alignment with truth, love, peace, joy and a balanced sacred life.

In this worksop participants will:

  • Be inspired about healing potential through the facilitator’s personal story

  • Explore the larger perspective of human development when considering we are much more than our physical bodies.

  • Learn and practice some embodiment exercises such as meditation, breathing, embody yoga exercises, specialized kinesiology exercises from Brain Gym, etc.

  • Group sharing of what might be possible for individuals and their families in the next phase of their recovery journey.

Wisdom Years and the Soul

The wisdom years offer an opportunity for a person to be in closer contact with their soul, that eternal part of their being that is connected to all that has come before and is yet to come.  If given the right supports people in their later years may find life can be renewed.  This can happen when there are opportunities for people to experience the reconciliation of deep hurts;  greater meaning is found in ordinary life and service or contributions are able to be  expressed and appreciated.

Explore how often it is the challenging experiences of ill health, loss or other limitations that create a vulnerability in us.  This  can sometimes move us to seek help or find deeper connection to community.  This vulnerability in the wisdom years can also lead a person to connect to the spirit or invisible worlds.  These are often part of a preparation process for reconnecting to the deepest part of ourselves as we reconcile the life we lived and prepare for the one to come.


  • Explore the myth of aging as a declining process and instead understand it in relationship to an important stage of development for the soul.

  • Discover the qualities of the soul and how the embodied self is alive for the purpose to know and realize these.

  • Discuss those supports that  help facilitate deeper spiritual connection, meaning and expression for people.

Additional individual and group programs geared for the the wisdom years are available.  Download this PDF for more information.

Workshop Series
Soul Centered Healing for Mental Health Distress

Workshop Overview:

What do we mean by the term “mental illness” ?  It is commonly seen as a permanent condition, that can be treated medically but not “healed”. The facilitator has personally experienced the treatment of mental illness from the medical model, and has developed a new approach that can facilitate a greater level of healing by recognizing that what we call “mental illness” is not just a medical condition, but a reflection of distress and trauma that has been deeply absorbed on the soul level, that must be approached on that level for healing to be complete.

In this workshop, the facilitator will share her personal story and her discovery that, when pathways to the soul are opened up, and the physical, energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual levels in a person are in balance  and alignment, more harmony, well-being and a better quality of life are possible.

The workshops will be a series of five programs, each focusing and exploring a particular level of our being:  The spiritual, the mental, emotional, energetic and the physical.  It would be best to attend all five but any workshop could be taken individually.  In addition to personal sharing, the workshop will involve interactive and creative activities, drawing on the facilitator’s training from Embody Yoga®, Brain Gym®, Transformational Kinesiology®, spiritual work, trauma and crisis work and alternative mental health study.

Workshop Format:

Each workshop will be two hours long and can include family and/or community partners.  Workshops will involve personal sharing and small group exercises.  They will include reflection exercises using writing and collage, and incorporate meditation, Brain Gym®, yoga and other creative activities.

Soul Centered Spiritual Health Workshop
Who are we and what do we believe?  This question will guide this workshop as we explore the beliefs that govern our decisions and the way we live.  What if we could have a fuller experience of ourselves as more than just our feelings, thoughts, body sensations then what would we call it?  How would we access this level? Participants will be introduced to the concept of the soul and the underlying mystical principles that govern all religions and explore how there may be a more transcendent quality in our lives and in our views of mental illness that will help truly transform “treatment.”

Soul Centered Mental Health Workshop
We all know how active our minds can be, and that many of our thoughts are repetitious and negative.  We also know there is a correlation between what we think – and then how we act because of our thinking.  But how do we free ourselves from our habitual mental patterns?  In this workshop we will discuss how to become more aware of our thoughts and deal with the incessant mental activity that loops around itself.  This is what some people call the ‘monkey mind.”  We will look at the relationship between our soul, our mind and our bodies, exploring what mindfulness is about – which is about reaching for the higher mind, becoming more heart centered and finding ways to be reoriented toward that which is fulfilling and purposeful, and learning ways to let go of that which doesn’t serve us.

Soul Centered Emotional Health Workshop
As a society, we give a lot of credence to how we feel.  Yet our feelings are often influenced by so many factors that they can actually become unreliable markers in our life.  And yet it is our emotions that motivate us to act or not act in certain ways.  What if we could learn how to take care of our emotional life in a way that helps us to transmute the energies of fear, worry and irritation to then experience the higher emotions such as peace, love and joy more consistently?

Soul Centered Energetic Health Workshop
What is the energy body and how do you experience energy in your life?  Albert Einstein said, “Everything is energy, and that’s all there is to it.”  Many ancient practices such as yoga, acupuncture and martial arts work with the energy body to augment health.
We learn there are over 72,000 energy pathways in the body.  When these are all in good order, things flow in our bodies and minds more easily and we have greater access to our inner wisdom and are better able to deal with outer stressors.  Learn how to be more attuned to your own energy, and practice energy enhancement and calming exercises.

Soul Centered Physical Heath and Alignment  Workshop
In this workshop we will talk about the relationship of the body to the emotions, energy body and thoughts, and how they influence the expression of the soul in one’s life.  Also we will explore how to fully care for oneself so that mental distress gets resolved and doesn’t just move from one area to another or become a chronic health problem.