The Transmutation of Emotions Group

The Transmutation of Emotions group is about

  • Exploring ways to transcend emotional states as a conscious, intentional practice
  • Learning that our emotions may be how we are at a given moment, but are not who we are; learning to get in touch with our essential self that is larger than our emotions, that can transcend them into higher feelings of peace, acceptance, patience, compassion, love, reverence and respect.
  • Being honest with ourselves and each other about how we feel
  • Letting go of any shame or judgement about feelings, ours and other peoples’
  • Learning that we don’t have to do all this alone, that it’s a partnership with the Divine soure that always loves us and is available to help us.

The group’s emphasis is on experience. While it’s helpful to understand the spiritual principles involved (especially by reading GurujiMa’s book The Transmutation of Emotions), it matters more to arrive with an open heart and willingness to learn a new way of being in relationship to ourselves and others. This will be revealed through discussion and group exercises, done with the support of others on the same path. In the group, we gain understanding and experience that can then be taken into the rest of our daily life.

The Transmutation Process

Transmutation of Emotions describes the unique process of directing your emotions along the path of spiritual principles in order to arrive at a more positive, steady emotional state.  It is with the deep understanding that we are souls in our physical body at at time in history when a greater frequency of Divine Light is being made more available on the Earth plane.  This very light is the same Divine light that created us, the Universe and everything in between.   

Through the process of connecting to this co-creative power and directing our consciousness the transcendent light of the soul is able to infiltrate our more settled and habitual emotional and mental processes.  This in itself is a transformative experience for we are naturally evolving beings.  There is often more room available for a greater experience of the Divine in any given moment.   

The transmutation or spiritual alchemical process facilitates this natural forward movement by various means.  My experiences could be summarized as involving a newer version of reality , a learning nuance that somehow reorganizes and shifts the usual perception so that our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and perhaps physical phenomena now need to incorporate a larger version of themselves.  It  may not be evident at first that this experience is initiated by a greater frequency of expansive light for the immediate experience often becomes one of sorting, sifting, questioning, releasing, wondering and reorganizing what feels true on a deep inner level.  This experience may be uncomfortable, create confusion and be unclear and unsettling while it is going through this metamorphosis.  The result is often a positive change- or growth of consciousness that perceives the greater fullness and wholeness of life.  This is often accompanied by a more deliberate spiritual orientation and a decidedly more positive emotional constitution and responsiveness.

Why is group work important in this time?

One of the tasks humanity is being called to give it full attention and master at this time is the movement into unity consciousness.  This is the very real lived experience of the interconnection of all of us with each other, the earth , the cosmos and all of creation, all of the Divine.  This involves a level of purification of our inner being that is requiring us to fully embody our deepest essence, infuse our very core with divinized spiritual consciousness, live from the inside out and develop a capacity to sustain this connection in love, peace, joy, harmony and truth.   

This is what all of humanity has been moving toward through the beginning of time. Why we are here to begin with.  It is the process of the Divine coming into matter but now we are in a different phase.  Now we are following the arc of involution of the Divine energy (creation, us, you), as it cycles back through the Divine  returning to its purer Divine vibration and synthesizing with the Divine Harmonic so as to evolve all of the manifested creation as it becomes more unified with the Creator.  This is happening as we follow the path of unity consciousness and our spiritual destiny. 

Working with each other in groups that are holding a vibration of higher light can facilitate this process.  It helps us to experience the network of interconnecting light and highlights our own contributions as it also accentuates those areas that are in need of additional healing.  For this is a time where any negation, any “hold out places of the heart,”  any unhealed residue from trauma, hurt, grief, pain, injury, violation, etc. is actively seeking to be resolved.  So much is being revealed on the individual and collective levels.  To consciously work with this process with the transcendent power of the soul’s light makes it possible to permanently change the vibrational frequency of matter.  That is to say, upgrade us:  To bring our thoughts, feelings, physical bodies into resonance with the higher light of our souls, the Divine that both created us and recreates us with our cooperation and participation.