This writing is for those who are awakening to the magnificence of their souls truth and the beauty of divine existence.  

In this time, our journey takes us through a process of transversing consciousness and reconciling our soul’s life.  Both individually and collectively.  It is preparing us to become who we are meant to be. To really be.

I’m still making the crossing so I am not a master but I want to share with you what I am learning, what it is like, what I hope might be helpful to some of you.  Blessings on your sacred passage.  May it bring you to your deeper being, your inner light, love, peace, joy and truth.

Soul Emergence
It is a time of soul emergence.  All of our individual souls and the souls of groups ( families, nations, solar systems, etc.) are strongly influenced by increased Divine light (and Divine presence) and wanting more expression.   This has been prophesied and it is called many things- awakening, great purification, the return of christ consciousness, the crossing of the antahkarana  or rainbow bridge, etc.  

Here is what I am finding are some key elements of this time:

  • Sacredness: There is an opening into greater perception of what is sacred, what is holy.  It is as if the veils between the dimensions have parted and glimpses of deeper truth and spiritual experience are able to be accessed.   And we also need to pay attention to this and create space for it to become more clear.
  • Intensity:  Because of the concentration of light on your soul and to others in our connected evolutionary process, things that may have been hidden, buried, forgotten are now being revealed.   These dormant experiences may emerge in and through our bodies, our psyches, our culture and the earth herself.  It is important to reinforce the positive paradigm of what this time means and find healthy ways to be comforted.
  • Revelations or Illuminations:  During this time there are different “inspirations or messages” that are being received about what is really important to your life.  Depending on where you are in your soul’s journey these could be nurtured through meditation, yoga, natural life immersion, prayer, etc.  Being with spiritually minded people and finding a trusted individual who you can share your deepest inner experiences with who holds the larger perspective helps.
  • Unresolved healing issues:  Patterns about the course your life has taken thus far and healing needs that need further attention may be revealed too.  They may be about anything, relationships, materialism, regrets, harms, unfulfilled longings, etc. They may surface in your awareness as pain, sorrow, hurts, misgivings.   It is important to not go into fear or worry while these are being activated but to find the right vibrational supports to help you not merge with these but help them to resolve on all levels.  This is a spiralic healing process where things that were taken care of in the past are revisited in order to clear out the residue that may have stuck to the bottom of the barrel.  Remember we are in a significant planetary transition and to hold yourself with as much gentleness, love and compassion as possible.

What gives me great hope is knowing that all the cleansing, learning and growing I do for myself will benefit my family, my ancestral line and humanity as a whole.  Our lives and our growing is a service in itself.  My willingness to do the work, my deep desire for a greater quality of life for all and the passion I have for serving help me in his time.  And it wouldn’t be possible except for al those who came before me, walk with me now and with the continued spiritual sustenance in my life.  I feel the great blessings of this and hope you will too.  I include you all in my prayers and I am sending you so many blessings!