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GurujiMa is a spiritual teacher, healer and emissary of Light whose mission is to assist the earth’s transformation.  Doors of LIght is helping people come together to explore the important healing issues of our time in light of GurujiMa’s teachings.  Learn more about Guruji-Ma here.

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Conversations with GurujiMa –  Changing Realities
by GurujiMa with Diana Catherine Bella

First in a series of conversations with GurujiMa about the means by which the new world of energy and the soul can become a living reality. Experience is the most profound teacher when becoming acquainted with an expanded view of life. However, understanding the reality of light and darkness, and knowing that one is not simply the body, mind, and emotions requires an adaptation, for some, that involves both doubt and discovery. The soul is present in each embodied being whether one believes it to be or not. Similarly, energies of light and darkness are part of Creation, whether one perceives them as such or not. 36pp.

Conversations with GurujiMa – On Light and Darkness
by GurujiMa with Diana Catherine Bella

Second in a series of conversations with GurujiMa concerning the nature of light and darkness as energies of Creation. Here, questions are articulated that exist in the minds of many people concerning the reality of energy and the world of form. What one perceives to be ‘solid’ is not really solid, but only the appearance of solidity. In relation to the ‘energy of opposition’ that is referred to as ‘darkness,’ this energy is opposed to the expansion of spiritual light and truth and attempts to influence people away from love and from recognition of the sacred. 34pp.

Conversations with GurujiMa – The Soul and the Body
by GurujiMa with Diana Catherine Bella

Third in a series of conversations with GurujiMa concerning the relationship of the soul to the body. Does each individual have a soul, and if so, how does it affect such things as illness and disease? The premise of this conversation is that we do not ‘have’ a soul but rather ‘are’ a soul in embodied form. Soul and body are not separate, but rather exist as ‘layers of consciousness’ within the self so that one perceives them as separate. The soul is in the body. The body is in the soul. The goal of human experience is to recognize this union. 36pp.

Conversations with GurujiMa – Our Relationship to Pain
by GurujiMa with Diana Catherine Bella

To look at pain as a teacher is to choose the soul’s perspective regarding the experience of pain rather than the ego’s perspective or the historical perspective that has been present up until now. From the soul’s perspective, pain, especially the more serious or long-term kind, is a teacher, chosen by the soul in order to advance the cause of spiritual growth and learning. While it is not wrong to want pain to cease, being part of the condition of the human body, those who desire to move forward in their own learning and expansion along spiritual lines may find in this booklet advice and comfort related to pain that up until now has seemed an enigma. 34pp.

Conversations with GurujiMa – Children, Mental Health and the Soul
by GurujiMa with Diana Catherine Bella

The labeling of children with various kinds of mental and emotional difficulties does not do justice to or acknowledge the real spiritual work that is being accomplished as a result of these very difficulties. The outside observer often sees only pain and limitation. Yet, despite the deficits that mental or emotional challenges bring, the foundation of such difficulty lies in the choice that the soul has made to learn through them. It is natural to want whatever is limiting and of hardship for one’s child to disappear. However, real spiritual progress is often being made through the very dysfunction that causes limitation, and a parent holding such a perspective is better able to support their child in ways that the child is truly needing that are central to their growth. 40pp.

Conversations with GurujiMa – A Spiritual View of Depression
by GurujiMa with Diana Catherine Bella

It would be well to look at all forms of depression as a spiritual crisis in their underpinnings, for though they may show no positive movement or direction on the mental or emotional levels, on the level of spirit a question is being asked and a question is being answered, namely, “What is this life about and what am I doing in it?” Whether flooded with feelings or numb and experiencing merely a sense of deadness, on the level of the soul a groping movement is taking place during this dark and painful night. A search for a way toward the light is taking place, a way that is, for the moment, invisible.

Conversations with GurujiMa – Light and the New Spiritual Senses
by GurujiMa with Diana Catherine Bella

The expansion of spiritual light upon and within the Earth is bringing about a transformation of physical matter, including the physical matter of the human body, producing new sensations, perceptions, and challenges. The latter are due to the fact that light reveals what has been hidden from consciousness, and thus what one in former times did not want to see or felt unable to heal comes into view. The new spiritual senses are multidimensional, allowing a person to know not only the deeper levels of their own emotional and mental life, but also the deeper levels of their own being, the true and eternal self. In this time, spiritual light as the awakener and revealer is bringing about a massive change in the perception of identity, with the goal of creating a bridge between the embodied self and the soul, between matter and spirit. This is the purpose of this time of transformation, and each person inhabiting a body on the Earth, today, has chosen to be a part of it.

Conversations with GurujiMa – Aging and the Closing Years of Life
by GurujiMa with Diana Catherine Bella

We have come to view the loss of physical functioning and mental clarity as equivalent to a process of deterioration in which life becomes less valuable and a person becomes identified with their limitations. This view, born out of the emphasis on material life, accomplishment, and productivity, minimizes the importance of the inner values and spiritual gifts that those at the end of their physical life may share with others if they choose to, and are invited to. These spiritual gifts often lay hidden beneath the exterior of physical or mental impairment, yet are nevertheless very real. Their development is often the reason that the impairment exists in the first place.When we view each stage of life as contributing to the overall wholeness of the individual, we will come to view the loss of outer activity as a sign that inner spiritual activity of an invisible kind may now be taking place, and we may seek to foster such activity through our respect for this process. Such a view would shift, entirely, our current ways of being with older persons. Instead of simply focusing on their liabilities, we would understand the positive aspects of their life, even in the presence of great limitation.

Conversations with GurujiMa – The Prison System and Redemption
by GurujiMa with Diana Catherine Bella

Our prison system in the United States is based on ideas of the past that foster punitive justice rather than redemptive justice.These ideas are based primarily on the ‘law of cause and effect,’ the karmic law that emphasizes the need to take responsibility for one’s actions, and the consequences of not doing so. Redemptive justice, by contrast, is based on the ‘law of love,’ that holds that each person can be transformed by an awakening of love within their heart, and by the willingness to become self-aware. Both factors enable each human being to be redeemed from a past in which even great harm has been done, through a process of transformation and rebirth.

Conversations with GurujiMa – Addiction as a Spiritual Quest
by GurujiMa with Diana Catherine Bella

We have come to think of addiction primarily as a physiological process with emotional roots. Yet, most addictions are deeply founded in a sense of spiritual emptiness that conveys a painful awareness that one’s life is not meaningful in some significant way. That the question of meaning arises is fundamentally a spiritual question, having to do with who one is and what one’s connection with life is as a whole. We find meaning when we belong to ourselves, and when we feel our sense of connection with the rest of life.The spiritual quest that is pursued through addiction may not be consciously known to the one pursuing this direction, yet beneath all other justifications and explanations lies the longing to return home to God. This longing is so intense that it fuels a process, addictive process, that creates more pain than it relieves. It is only the return to the original search for Divine encounter that truly relieves the painful emotions that are the underpinning of addictive process.

Conversations with GurujiMa – The Psychic and the Spiritual
by GurujiMa with Diana Catherine Bella

The realms of the psychic and of the spiritual correspond to two different vibrational fields or levels of consciousness that are part of each human being. Psychic exploration can be an avenue of approach to spiritual exploration, or it can become an end in itself, an area of singular interest and fascination whose focus is different from that of the spiritual realm.What we call the psychic senses reveal more of the non-physical world of reality. Clairvoyance, clairaudience, and intuition are all part of this world. Yet, the spiritual world goes far beyond this, based on one’s desire to awaken to who one is as a soul and to who God is.

Conversations with GurujiMa –  How May We Help One Another?
by GurujiMa with Diana Catherine Bella

“How We May Help Each Other” is a testament to the future, a future in which human beings will find within themselves the resources emanating from the soul to practice loving kindness, generosity, brother-sisterhood, and compassion, in ways that have been limited historically. Such a testament believes in the possibility of humanity becoming more than it is now in its emotional, mental, and spiritual capacity. This takes place more fully as the soul gains in prominence within the personality, and as the ego, with all of its defenses, becomes subservient to the purposes of the soul.”How We May Help Each Other” places great responsibility on human free-will to choose the kind of life that each one wants to live, whether a life of purpose, meaning, and the manifestation of a higher standard of relationship, or a life that resembles the past and that, out of fear, maintains a state of separation of each to the other. This choice is one that exists within every interaction and every conversation with another. It is the choice for love.

Conversations with GurujiMa – Our Relationship to Money
by GurujiMa with Diana Catherine Bella

Our relationship to money is formed by the emotional attitudes we have held about it, by our spiritual understanding of money as an energy, and by our decision concerning how we wish to live in relation to establishing a sense of safety and security in the world. The choice of our ego-self has been to amass wealth, property, and the outer signs of success in order to create a sense of security in the world and to establish a feeling of self-worth. The choice of the deeper self or soul is to turn over our needs for security to the Divine, and to establish safety and security on an inner basis rather than on an outer one. This interview with GurujiMa addresses some of the dilemmas human beings face in making choices about money.

Conversations with GurujiMa – Following the Divine Path
by GurujiMa with Diana Catherine Bella

We do not know how or where the Divine is leading us, and in following the Divine path must surrender our need to know with our mind to a deeper way of knowing. This deeper way is based on our being itself, which lets us know what path to follow that resonates with our soul. Following the currents of our deeper being often bypasses the understanding of the mind and instead influences the heart and will so that we know what to do and where to go. This interview with GurujiMa addresses several aspects of the Divine path and deepens our understanding of the experience of surrender to the Divine.

Conversations with GurujiMa – The Transmutation of Emotions
by GurujiMa with Diana Catherine Bella

In ancient times the transmutation of emotions (changing negative emotional energy into positive) was knowledge restricted to initiates as part of their spiritual training. Today, because of the increase of spiritual light on earth, the light of our own soul makes possible the transmutation of emotions for all, if one chooses it. One has to choose it, however, since the path of transmutation involves a dedication to being conscious of our inner life on a moment to moment basis. This awareness makes possible in ways that could not take place before, the release of emotions that may have been carried for a long time that we no longer wish to be burdened by. The ‘transmutation of emotions’ in the more modern language of today is called ‘spiritual purification.’ This interview with GurujiMa addresses some of the many issues that human beings face in dealing with negative emotions and in striving to let go of them in service to a spiritual goal. The surrender of emotions to the Divine is the means by which transmutation takes place.

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