Diana Catherine Bella is the founder of Doors of Light, a spiritual counseling and transformational consulting business located in Western, MA.

Diana has developed a unique soul centered healing process based on her work with Guruji-Ma of Light Omega and the study of the ageless wisdom from Polaris College in Denmark.  She also includes her own learning from her own healing work and her twenty-five years helping people to make transformative life changes through healing arts and trauma education programs and in her study of Agni and Embody Yoga.  After raising three children and working as a trauma educator and alternative health practitioner for many years, Diana has created vibrant programs and workshops to guide people on their own soul’s unique journey drawing on her personal experience and weaving in creative expressive arts and using body- mind centering practices in order to help people find direction, balance and well being in difficult life circumstances.

She is a certified Transformational Kinesiologist, Brain Gym and Touch for Health educator, trained mediator and experienced in crisis debriefing practices for groups and individuals.    She has developed a Children’s Spirituality Program and a Trauma Recovery Coaching Process.  She is a Certified Peer Specialist with the Transformation Center and trained in Intentional Peer Support.  She is also a trained facilitator for  Alternatives to Suicide and Unusual Belief groups.

Diana has presented workshops in various places including CPSI, Creative Problem Solving Institute, the Alternatives Conference run by the National Empowerment Center,  Massachusetts Office of Victim’s Assistance Conference,  Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center, the Community Crisis Response Team, New England Learning Center for Women in Transition, the Recovery Learning Community and the Recover Project.  But most important, Diana truly believes and conveys to each person the truth of their own innate capacity to heal and grow and flourish no matter what limitations they have to bear.