Doors of Light is a spiritual education, counseling and consulting service
dedicated to helping people find the unique path of their own soul’s journey.

People are meant to feel held, feel the goodness of life, feel that their lives have meaning and they are making a valuable contribution to life. With guidance and support, we can accelerate our consciousness and human development through the active participation of spiritual work.  Doors of Light is meant to facilitate this process of living a soul-centered life.

We were created by a Divine spark and are meant to live in greater harmony, peace and love.  We as humanity are being called to be in our true essence, our higher dimension, to live as souls on earth.

Our soul is multi-dimensional. We are both eternal and evolving.  Our human soul is here for further development and growth and meant to co- create with the Divine.  The soul is the place in you where there is Living Light.  Where there is infinite life, creativity, regenerating love, goodness, strength, power and hope.

There is new Light coming to the earth at this time.  It is of a higher vibration than ever before and is helping to infuse matter with spiritual light for the purpose of evolution and healing.  More is possible.  You are invited to participate in sessions and workshops with Diana which intend to facilitate the transcendent experience of becoming soul centered.

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